Pumpernickel’s Cousin – Wednesday 26th June collection


Pumpernickel style tin loaf topped with a sprinkle of rye flakes.

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Pumpernickel style tin loaf topped with a sprinkle of malted wheat flakes, made with a different blend of flours from the traditional recipe to create a lighter, more versatile loaf. It’s still a cracking eat with the classic pumpernickel bread toppings – salami, cheese, pickles, mustard – but also shines in a bacon sandwich, or even just lightly toasted with butter and jam.

This is the loaf I spent the most time developing, testing numerous bakes on friends, acquaintances and any stranger I could pull in off the street. In trying to explain what I was forcing them to put in their mouth I would say, “It’s like pumpernickel, but not. In fact it’s really pumpernickel’s better looking and more popular cousin.”

Like all pumpernickel style loaves it benefits from an overnight pause before slicing.

Ingredients: organic stoneground brown wheat flour, organic stoneground white wheat flour, organic white wheat flour, molasses, organic rye grains, organic malted wheat flakes, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sea salt, water

Allergens: gluten, sesame. Note – rapeseed oil and palm oil are used in the release agent on the baking tin.

Size: medium, approx weight 710g