The baker

Neil Adcock of Bread by Neil

Research scientist, philosopher, graphic designer, and now baker. It all makes perfect sense!

The world seems a lot more complicated today than it was when I first started work, and the standard linear career progression in a single industry is no longer the norm. In reality though this has probably always been the case and it’s me that has changed, not the world.

So when I needed a change after fifteen years in thoroughbred stallion marketing I decided to take a step sideways and follow one of my other passions – sourdough bread.

I’ve been baking bread for the past 20 years, rarely buying a loaf for the last ten, and have followed a trajectory from bread machine through hand made yeasted loaves to the black art that is sourdough. And now I’m excited by the new challenge of scaling up production from one or two loaves at a time to batch baking with commercial equipment.

And excitement is the key word – while this is a commercial enterprise and needs to (excuse the expression) put bread on my table, there is no point in taking this risk if it does not continue to excite me and does not follow my principles.

I hope you enjoy it.

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