The Blumami – Wednesday 29th November collection


A wholemeal loaf with miso, stilton and walnuts.

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The Blumami is a wholemeal loaf with miso, stilton and walnuts. This is a seasonal twist on the ever-popular Umami loaf – the same dough but enhanced with stilton and walnuts instead of sesame seeds. The stilton adds to the deeply savoury umami notes in the loaf, with the walnuts adding an interesting crunch as well as their flavour.

An interesting side effect of adding walnuts to bread is the purple colour that can develop in parts of the loaf. Brown nuts plus brown bread making purple is a little counter intuitive, but I’m assured that it’s iron in the flour reacting with gallic acid in the walnut skins that creates this delightful hue. If you ever want a really purple loaf try liquidising some of the walnuts and mixing them into the dough!

Ingredients: organic stoneground white wheat flour, organic stoneground wholemeal wheat flour,  stilton, walnuts, organic red miso paste (water, organic soybeans, organic rice, salt, yeast, koji culture), sea salt, water

Allergens: gluten, nuts, dairy, soya

Size: medium, approx weight 650g